will coffee ice cream keep you awake

will coffee ice cream keep you awake

Will Coffee Ice Cream Keep You Awake?

Coffee ice cream has a great flavour that pairs well with other desserts, but is it good for fighting off fatigue?

Beneficial Effects of Caffeine

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that many of us use in our morning coffee or tea. It works by slowing down the production of hormones in the brain that produce tiredness. The amount of caffeine in coffee ice cream varies depending on the brand, but it generally contains less than a regular cup of coffee. This means that it won’t give you a huge energy boost, but it may help you to feel more alert for a short period of time.

Drawbacks of Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee ice cream also contains a lot of sugar and fat, which can make you feel lethargic. Consuming too much of it can cause spikes in blood sugar, which can make you feel even sleepier. The combination of caffeine and sugar also may lead to a crash later in the day that leaves you feeling exhausted.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up, coffee ice cream is probably not the best choice. You will get the benefit of caffeine, but it will be much less than a cup of coffee or tea. The sugar and fat content will likely make you feel sleepy and sluggish.

To avoid crashing after an energy boost from coffee ice cream, try pairing it with other energizing snacks such as fruit, whole-grain crackers or nuts. At the end of the day, having coffee ice cream won’t necessarily keep you awake, but it can help you to stay alert for a short period of time.


While coffee ice cream makes for a delicious treat, it’s probably not the best choice for an energy boost. The caffeine content is likely too low to provide much of an effect, and the sugar and fat may cause a crash later in the day. Eating it in combination with other energizing snacks is a better choice for a boost of energy.





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