why my coffee taste bitter

why my coffee taste bitter

Why Does My Coffee Taste Bitter?

Sometimes the cup of coffee we make just doesn’t taste the way it should. It can be frustrating, especially if we are sure we followed the recipe correctly but still end up with a bitter and unpleasant flavor. So why does our coffee tastes bitter?

1. You may be over-extracting the coffee

Coffee grounds are only meant to remain in contact with water for a certain amount of time. If the coffee is left to steep for too long, it will become over-extracted, resulting in an overly acidic and bitter cup of coffee.

2. The grind size may be too fine

The grind size of your coffee beans can also affect the bitterness. If the coffee grounds are ground too finely, it can lead to a stronger, more bitter flavor.

3. You may be using old coffee

Coffee beans start to lose flavor and aroma within days of roasting. If you’re not sure how old your coffee beans are, it’s best to just buy freshly roasted beans.

4. The water may be too hot

If the water is too hot (over 200°F) it can cause the coffee to become over-extracted, leading to that unpleasant bitterness.

Conclusion: The key to making a great cup of coffee is all about the fine details. Taking into account all the factors mentioned above could be the difference between a delicious cup and a bitter one.





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