why is there a coffee mate shortage

why is there a coffee mate shortage

Why is there a Coffee Mate Shortage?

As the nation is forced to quickly adapt to a new way of living due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, a range of products from toilet paper to polyester face masks, has been swept from the shelves of supermarkets. Another item – coffee creamer – also became increasingly difficult to find. One of the most recognizable coffee creamers, branded as ‘Coffee Mate,’ has been largely unobtainable.

Impact of the Coronavirus on In-Store Shopping Habits

The significant disruption of daily routines and in-store shopping habits has had its impact on consumer products, as well as the employees who manufacture and distribute them. With the focus on social distancing, communities found it necessary to shop with fewer in-store visits, and when they did, they stocked up to secure a more plentiful supply of their preferred items. This ‘panic shopping’ has caused considerable disruption to the supply chain for consumer products like the Coffee Mate creamer.

Manufacturing Shortage of Coffee Mate

The production of Coffee Mate in the United States has been hampered by the lack of supplies needed to package the product. The shortage of creamer containers has been blamed as a major cause of the current supply shortage. Coffeemate’s parent company, Nestlé, said that packaging materials were not readily available due to “uncertainty created by the large and sudden increase in demand” caused by the pandemic.

Response to the Shortage

Nestle has responded to the shortage and pledged to resolve the problem by producing more packaging material. They also plan to “instill additional process improvements across the entire supply chain to ensure a regular flow of product”.

Although it may still be some time before the pandemic-driven shortages are relieved, Nestlé is working hard to ensure that Coffee Mate remains available to consumers. In the meantime, here are a few tips on things you can do to make sure your favorite coffee creamer remains on hand:

  • Check your local grocery store: Many stores have different shipments coming in at various times of the week, so keep an eye out for your favorite creamer when you’re out shopping.
  • Shop online: If you can’t find Coffee Mate in stores, there are a few online retailers that still carry it, such as Amazon and Walmart.
  • Try a different brand: If you can’t find Coffee Mate, try checking out other creamers such as International Delight or Silk Creamer.

In conclusion, the shortage of Coffee Mate creamer is especially noticeable during this unprecedented pandemic due to the disruption of daily routines and in-store shopping habits. Nestlé is working hard to provide more packaging materials and stimulate the supply chain. Meanwhile, it’s still possible to find Coffee Mate creamers in stores and online.





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