why is my ninja coffee maker overflowing the grounds basket

why is my ninja coffee maker overflowing the grounds basket

Why is My Ninja Coffee Maker Overflowing the Grounds Basket?

If you’re suddenly finding your grounds basket overflowing due to your Ninja coffee maker, it could be the result of several possible causes. Thankfully, there are a few easy fix solutions you can try.

Possible Causes

Below are some of the common causes of a Ninja coffee maker overflowing the grounds basket:

  • Wrong Coffee Grounds: Using the wrong size or type of coffee grounds can give you an overflow. To avoid this, use finely ground regular beans (not decaffinated). If using pre-ground coffee, use a medium grind only.
  • Faulty Filter: When the filter is clogged or not properly positioned in the basket, it can cause an overflow. Clean the filter inside and outside to remove any residue, then firmly press it onto the bottom of the basket.
  • Clogged Water Reservoir: When the water filter or the drainage tube in the water reservoir are clogged, it can cause an overflow. Make sure the water filter has been replaced (if applicable), and clean the reservoir of any debris.

Avoiding Future Overflows

To ensure your Ninja coffee maker doesn’t overflow again, here are some best practices to follow:

  • Read and Follow the Manual: Make sure you’re following the instructions and settings outlined in the manual. This can help you with proper coffee grounds size, water temperature, and water volume selection.
  • Regularly Clean Your Coffee Maker: Rinse the filter, grounds basket, and water reservoir every 2-4 weeks depending on how often you’re using the coffee maker. Also descale the coffee maker periodically to remove minerals from the machine.
  • Use Quality Filters: Poor quality filters can cause overflows. Use Ninja’s recommended paper filters when making coffee.

Making sure to address any issues can help prevent overflows in the future and keep your coffee maker running properly. And with these tips, you should have no trouble making coffee without the mess.





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