why is my mr coffee not working

why is my mr coffee not working

Troubleshooting Your Mr. Coffee

If your Mr. Coffee isn’t working, the issue can likely be solved with a few simple fixes. Don’t assume you need a new machine – give these tips a try first:

Check the Cord and Power Source

First things first: make sure the cord is securely plugged in, and that the power source is turned on. Give it a try in another outlet as well, just in case.

Check the Water Level

Look inside the coffee machine to make sure there is enough water. Often times people forget to pour water in before brewing, or the water is running low.

Clean the Machine

If you haven’t done so in a while, it may be time to clean your coffee machine. Use a mixture of vinegar and water and make sure to clean out the carafe and filter holder as well.

Check the Filters

Make sure the filters are placed properly and are not clogged. If you have recently purchased a new filter, ensure you are using the right one for the machine.

By following these steps, you should be back brewing the perfect cup of coffee in no time. If you’ve still having an issue, it may be time to consider a new Mr. Coffee.





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