why is laughing man coffee hard to find

why is laughing man coffee hard to find

Why Is Laughing Man Coffee Hard to Find?

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages and is enjoyed by many people. Laughing Man Coffee has become an increasingly popular coffee, but it is harder to find than other coffees. Here, we explore the reasons why Laughing Man Coffee can be difficult to find.

The Company Shares the Profits

Laughing Man Coffee is different from other coffee companies because they share the profits with charitable causes. This charitable venture is led by Hugh Jackman and is designed to deliver long-term benefits to coffee growers and the communities that support them. The profits generated by the sale of Laughing Man Coffee are funneled directly into the Laughing Man Foundation, with a particular focus on the education and health needs of coffee-producing communities.

Supplies Are Limited

Unlike other coffee brands which can be found in grocery stores, Laughing Man Coffee is generally limited to independent cafes and coffee shops. This is because the company generally supplies a very limited stock of its coffee to these smaller outlets.

It’s Expensive

One of the main impediments to acquiring Laughing Man Coffee is its higher price. Since the profits from its sales support charity, the coffee is more expensive than other types on the market.

Online Availability

Because of their limited availability, Laughing Man Coffee is mostly only available online. This can make it harder to find for those who don’t have easy access to a computer. Additionally, purchasing online means that you can’t inspect the quality of the product before you buy it.


So, while Laughing Man Coffee is increasingly popular and admired, it can sometimes be difficult to find. This is because supplies are limited, it tends to be expensive and it’s mostly only available online. The company’s charitable nature means that its profits are invested into the cause, and not given to the shareholders. This is why Laughing Man Coffee is hard to find.





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