why is fair trade coffee important

why is fair trade coffee important

Why is Fair Trade Coffee Important?

Fair Trade coffee is a way of trading coffee that provides farmers in developing countries with better wages, employment conditions and a guaranteed minimum price for their product. Fair Trade coffee is important for a few key reasons:

Benefits for Farmers

  • Higher wages – Farmers receive better pay for the coffee they produce.
  • Secure contracts – the presence of a secure contract means farmers can plan ahead and be sure of the amount of money they will receive.
  • Improved quality of life – with better pay, farmers’ lives and the lives of their family get improved greatly.

Environmental Protection

Fair Trade coffee not only brings benefits to farmers, but also offers safeguards to the environment. Coffee farms certified by Fairtrade coffee always comply with the following:

  • Sustainability – coffee farms need to be managed without damaging natural habitats.
  • Organic methods – farmers should use only chemical-free and organic methods.
  • Safe water and soil – water sources used for farming are verified and safe, and the soil is managed without harming its natural quality.

A Fair Trade World

The Fair Trade initiative is not just about coffee, it is more like a global effort to build a more fair and just world. When you choose Fair Trade coffee, you are doing your part in helping to create a system that values people’s rights and the environment and wants to bring better standards of living to all.

It is vital to support the farmers in all growing countries so that they can continue to produce quality coffee and get better wages. By choosing Fair Trade coffee, you are not only helping to support farmers and the environment but you are also choosing a better future for all.





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