why does my coffee taste burnt

why does my coffee taste burnt

Why Does My Coffee Taste Burnt?

If you make your coffee at home and it tastes burnt, it can be frustrating. Drinking burnt coffee on a regular basis does not make for a pleasant experience. Luckily, there are several common culprits for why your coffee might taste this way.

1. You Are Over-roasting The Beans

Coffee beans can quickly become charred and over-roasted if they are roasted too long or at too high of a temperature. Charring is when the outside of the bean burns, this causes oils to be released which can make the coffee taste burnt.

2. You Are Grinding The Beans Too Fine

Using too finely ground beans will often results in a burnt taste to your coffee. When the water come in contact with the super-fine powder-like grinds it will pull out some of the bitter flavors, resulting in an overly bitter and burnt taste.

3. You Are Using Old Beans

If you are using really old beans, they will begin to lose some of their flavor the longer they sit around. Using old beans can give you a pleasing, roasted flavor at first but as you get deeper into the cup, you’ll find a strong, unwanted bitterness.

4. You Are Making It Too Strong

If you use too many coffee grounds for the amount of water you’re using, or a ratio that isn’t appropriate, you’ll end up over-extracting all of the bitter, burnt flavor. You should aim for an even balance of grounds to water.

5. You Are Over-heating The Water

Over-heating your water can result in a bitter and burnt taste to your coffee. In order to ensure your coffee is heated to the right temperature, it’s recommended to let the water sit out for a few minutes after it’s boiled before using it to make coffee.

How To Avoid A Burnt Coffee Taste

  • Store your beans properly – in an airtight container and away from any direct sunlight or hot surfaces
  • Grind your beans right before you brew the coffee – the longer the grind sits out, the more flavor and aroma slips away.
  • Choose the right coffee filter – avoid paper filters that are too thick and unbleached coffee filters.
  • Check the water temperature – your water should be hotter than lukewarm, but not boiling.
  • Make sure your coffee to water ratio is correct – not too strong, not too weak!

Making great tasting coffee at home does not have to be hard and you should always taste for yourself to decide the best ratio for your personal tastes. If your coffee tastes burnt, use the tips above to troubleshoot and make sure you are using the correct techniques to get the best flavor from your coffee.





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