why does french press coffee taste better

why does french press coffee taste better

Why Does French Press Coffee Taste Better?

Brewing coffee using a French press is one of the best and most popular methods, as it allows you to get the most flavorful and smooth cup of coffee. So why does French press coffee taste better than other methods? Here are a few reasons you should consider using a French press for your next cup of coffee:

Finer Grounds

A French press brews coffee using relatively finer grounds, compared to methods such as drip and pour-over. Finer grounds mean more flavor and delicious taste.

Consistent Flavor

French presses have a reputation for providing consistent flavor with every cup. Because the same amount of coffee grounds are used with every brew, you can be confident that your coffee will have the same great taste, no matter how many times you make it.

No Paper Filter

A French press doesn’t require any paper filters, so more of the coffee’s natural oils are retained. These oils are responsible for much of the flavor and aroma in your cup. Paper filters can also absorb some of the flavor, resulting in a weaker tasting cup of coffee.

Fewer Unwanted Particles

The mesh filter on a French press catches most of the unwanted coffee particles that can make your coffee taste bitter or unpleasant. This leads to a smoother and cleaner tasting cup of coffee.

Balanced Aroma

The French press provides the perfect environment for coffee to steep, allowing all of the coffee’s flavors and aromas the time they need to be balanced. This leads to a rich, full-bodied coffee experience, with no unpleasant flavors or aromas.


There are numerous reasons why French press coffee is so much better than other brewing methods. It allows you to enjoy a rich, smooth cup of coffee with a balanced aroma and fewer unwanted particles. It’s no wonder that French press coffee is so popular with coffee lovers everywhere!





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