why does a poor man drink coffee

why does a poor man drink coffee

Why Does a Poor Man Drink Coffee?

Coffee has become a staple item in today’s society, being found in almost every corner of the world. It is a readily available commodity, consumed by the young and old alike. This is especially true for poorer individuals, who often rely on the cheap and uplifting caffeine hit from coffee to get them through their day.

Cheap and Easily Accessible

The cost of coffee is one of the main reasons why it has become so popular amongst lower income households. It is cheap and easily accessible and can be bought from a variety of places, from large corporate chains to roadside stalls. For poorer communities, finding enough money for a decent meal can be a huge struggle, which is why turning to an affordable, readily available caffeine boost can be helpful.

Releases Stress

Coffee also releases stress and thus can be a great way to relax, away from the pressures and difficulties of poverty. Studies have found that individuals who consume caffeine on a daily basis exhibit less stress than those who do not consume it. This means that coffee can be a way to take a break from the difficulties that come with being in a lower-income household.

Uplifting Effects

Low-income individuals often need a pick-me-up more than their wealthier peers, as the poverty-stricken environment can often be an oppressive one. The uplifting effects of caffeine can be incredibly invigorating, providing those stuck in this difficult situation with a physical and sometimes, mental boost.

Coffee: A Fun and Social Activity

Finally, coffee can also be a fun and social activity that, apart from providing its users with the aforementioned benefits, also allows them to connect and socialize, often providing individuals with a much-needed respite from their poverty-related worries.

In conclusion, the reasons why a poor man drinks coffee are many. Coffee is accessible, affordable and offers a plethora of benefits for those in a low-income situation, from providing physical and mental stimulation, to providing an escape from the everyday pressures of poverty.





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