why do i smell like coffee after drinking it

why do i smell like coffee after drinking it

The Surprising Reason You Smell Like Coffee After Drinking It

It’s no secret that all of us love a good cup of coffee. Whether it’s for an energy burst of for pure pleasure, drinking coffee can leave you with an unexpected side effect – a coffee aroma that seemingly lingers on your skin after drinking. But why exactly does this happen?

Coffee Protein Compound

Experts say that the main reason as to why you smell like coffee after imbibing it is due to a protein compound called ‘N-methylpyridinium’. Amazingly, this compound has the unique ability to penetrate the skin and is also released as you exhale and talk. This is the culprit for your coffee-scented breath and skin.

Other Factors

Other than the protein compound, there are a few other factors why you’ll smell like coffee after you drink it:

  • Your Beverage of Choice: Certain brewing methods tend to produce aromas more quickly than others, so your drink of choice may affect how quickly you’ll start smelling like coffee.
  • Your Environment: If you’re drinking your coffee in an environment with lots of ventilation, it’s more likely that you’ll smell like coffee afterwards. Poor ventilation traps the coffee aroma and makes it stick to your skin, clothes and hair.
  • Your Diet: What you eat and drink also plays a big part in how much you’ll smell like coffee after enjoying a cup. If you eat or drink items that increase your body’s natural scent, such as spicy foods or alcohol, you’ll be more likely to smell like coffee.

So there you have it. The next time you drink a cup of coffee, remember this – it might not just be a drink, it may be a scent too.





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