why coffee is bitter

why coffee is bitter

Why Coffee is Bitter

Coffee has been around for centuries and coffee brewing techniques have changed over the years. Despite all of the different techniques, coffee is usually described as having a bit of bitterness to it. Here are some reasons why coffee tends to be bitter:

Coffee Roast

The bitterness of coffee can be heavily affected by the roast level. A lightly-roasted coffee will be more bitter than a dark-roasted coffee. The light roasting process is used to preserve the delicate flavors and aromas that coffee beans possess, but it also can cause a more acidic flavor. Darker roasts are more mellow and less acidic because the extended roasting time breaks down the bitter compounds.

Brewing Method

The brewing method has an effect on the bitterness of coffee. It’s possible to brew coffee that has too much bitterness when the grind size is set incorrectly. If the grind is too fine, it will extract too much of the bitter compounds from the coffee, resulting in a cup that is too bitter. It’s important to use the correct grind size relative to the brewing method in order to achieve a balanced cup.

Coffee Quality

The quality of the coffee can have a big impact on flavor. Low-quality coffee is usually harsher and more bitter than higher-quality coffee. This is because of how it is processed and stored over time. Higher-quality coffees are generally fresher, more fragrant, and less bitter.

Brewed Too Long

Brewing coffee for too long can also result in a cup that is too bitter. The longer the coffee is brewed, the more bitter compounds are extracted from the beans. It’s important to measure out the appropriate amount of coffee and the right brewing time in order to ensure a good cup of coffee.


The bitterness of coffee can also be a matter of personal preference. Some people enjoy coffee that is more on the bitter side, and some prefer less bitterness. It’s important to experiment with different roasts, brewing techniques, and types of coffee to find the perfect balance of aroma, sweetness, and bitterness.

In conclusion, coffee is usually described as having a bit of bitterness because of the roast level, brewing method, coffee quality, brewed time, and preference. Understanding these factors can help you find the perfect cup of coffee with the perfect balance of aromas, sweetness, and bitterness.





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