why am i getting grounds in my keurig coffee

why am i getting grounds in my keurig coffee

Why Am I Getting Grounds in My Keurig Coffee?

Making a good cup of coffee starts with using good quality beans and ends with mastering the right techniques. When it comes to using your Keurig coffee machine, the experience can be very different. Sometimes you can get grounds in your coffee, even when you are using quality K-cups. Here’s how you can figure out the source of the grounds and fix the problem.

Potential Causes

There are a few potential causes for grounds in your Keurig coffee:

  • Incorrect Setting: Make sure that you have set your machine for the correct kind of brew strength.
  • K-Cup Not Seated Properly: Make sure that you have inserted the K-Cup into your machine the correct way.
  • Need to Clean: Grounds can accumulate over time, especially at the needle and exit needle area. You’ll probably need to clean your machine soon.

How to Fix It

Once you understand the source of your issue, you should be able to fix it:

  1. Set your machine to the right setting based on the type of roast you’re using.
  2. Clean or replace the exit needle. If it has buildup, try using pipe cleaners to dislodge any particles.
  3. Check the K-Cup package to make sure you’re inserting it correctly into your machine.
  4. Deep clean your machine regularly to make sure no grounds accumulate.

You should also check that you have enough water in the reservoir, and that it’s not past its shelf life. The K-Cups should also be stored properly to ensure freshness.


Getting grounds in your Keurig coffee can be a nuisance, but it’s nothing to worry about. The cause is usually easily fixed, and can be prevented with a little maintenance. Monitor the settings and make sure you’re working with clean parts, and you should be enjoying great Keurig coffee in no time!





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