who poisoned the coffee hateful eight

who poisoned the coffee hateful eight

The Mystery of Who Poisoned the Coffee Hateful Eight

The 2015 movie Hateful Eight left viewers with a compelling mystery. During a dinner scene, one of the characters present has offered to pour coffee for everyone. But it soon becomes apparent that all but one of them will suffer the effects of the poison in their coffee.


The Hateful Eight had the following characters present at dinner:

  • General Sandy Smithers – He is the one who offered to pour the coffee for everyone. He displays some suspicious behavior — could he have been the one to poison it?
  • Sheriff Chris Mannix – He was the one to uncover the poisoned coffee, and is an outsider to the rest of the group. Could he have some ulterior motives?
  • Oswaldo Mobray – Otherwise known as the “Hangman”, a charismatic and educated British criminal. He is quick to point fingers, could he be shifting the blame away from himself?
  • John Gage – A wealthy and mysterious man. Though he never reveals his true identity, he is able to hold his own in a gunfight and would have the resources to procure poison.
  • Bob Ferguson – A dandy Confederate veteran known as “the Little Man”. He doesn’t look like one to hold a grudge, but could there be more than meets the eye?
  • Joe Gage – John’s travelling companion, who insists that Joe be treated with respect. He doesn’t show up until the dinner scene, suspiciously late.
  • Marquis Warren – A bounty hunter, used to getting what he wants by whatever means necessary. Could he be looking to gain something by poisoning the coffee?
  • Checkhovnitz – A Russian bounty hunter, who disbelieves his own eyes when it comes to the poisoned coffee. Does he just want to believe the best of everyone?


The solution to the mystery of the poisoned coffee ultimately lies with General Sandy Smithers. It is revealed that Smithers was a Union colonel during the Civil War, and was implicated in the hanging of Marquis Warren. It turns out that Smithers poisoned the coffee as an act of revenge, hoping that Warren would be amongst those who drank it. Thankfully, Warren was saved in the end, but the mystery still remains as to why this scheming general attempted such a crime.

In conclusion, the mystery of the poisoned coffee in The Hateful Eight was ultimately solved by revealing the motives of one General Sandy Smithers. We can only be thankful that some of the characters in the movie were able to survive its clutches.





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