who owns oakland coffee

who owns oakland coffee

Oakland Coffee Company

Oakland Coffee Company, located in Oakland, California, is an independent coffee shop that has been owned and operated by its founders, Deanna and Tony Feddersen, since 2002. Oakland Coffee Company is dedicated to providing quality coffee, brewed with ethically-sourced ingredients and roasted with minimal environmental impact.

Coffee Philosophy

At Oakland Coffee Company, they believe that great-tasting coffee starts with ethical sourcing and high-quality roasting. All of their beans are roasted to order, guaranteeing the highest quality flavor. Furthermore, they are dedicated to developing strong relationships with the farmers they work with, and they strive to understand the thoughts and beliefs of the community from which their coffee comes.

Brewing Techniques

Oakland Coffee Company is serious about providing the best-tasting coffee. This shows in the variety of brewing methods used to brew their coffee. Their selection includes pour-over coffees, which are a labor-intensive, but rewarding way to create a truly flavorful cup. Additionally, they offer espresso-based drinks, cold brews, and brewed-to-order french press coffee.

Unique Features

Oakland Coffee Company offers a number of unique features that set them apart from other coffee shops. They have an on-site laboratory where they can experiment with different roasting techniques and recipes. Additionally, they offer subscription boxes that allow customers to have freshly roasted coffee delivered to their door each month.

Commitment to Quality

Oakland Coffee Company is committed to providing the highest quality coffee, paired with great customer service. They take pride in the quality of the coffee they offer, and it shows in their commitment to sustainable sourcing and roasting. Oakland Coffee Company strives to provide a unique and enjoyable experience to each and every customer.

Who Owns Oakland Coffee?

Oakland Coffee Company is owned and operated by its founders, Deanna and Tony Feddersen. The couple has been running the company since 2002, and has been dedicated to providing quality coffee since day one. The Feddersens are passionate about coffee and strive to make Oakland Coffee Company the best coffee shop in Oakland.





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