who owns oakland coffee

who owns oakland coffee

Who Owns Oakland Coffee?

Oakland Coffee is a popular coffee shop in Oakland and beyond, but many people don’t know who owns it. Oakland Coffee is owned and operated by a combination of three local business owners. In this article we’ll take a closer look at who they are and what their companies do.

Oakland Coffee Ownership

Oakland Coffee is owned by the following individuals and companies:

  • Sam Lee: Oakland Coffee was founded by Sam Lee, who currently serves as Chief Executive Officer. He is originally from Oakland, and his passion for coffee helped him turn his dream of owning a coffee shop into a reality.
  • Joe Ziegler: Joe Ziegler is the Chief Operating Officer of Oakland Coffee. He is from California, and his background in customer service has been vital to the success of Oakland Coffee.
  • Jill Sherman: Jill Sherman is the Chief Financial Officer of Oakland Coffee, and she is from San Francisco. Her strong financial background and knowledge has been essential in keeping Oakland Coffee running smoothly.

Oakland Coffee’s Mission

The mission of Oakland Coffee is to provide customers with the highest quality coffee and the best customer service. They strive to use the freshest and most sustainably-sourced coffee beans available, and they also offer a wide range of unique coffee beverages. Oakland Coffee is committed to supporting their local community by hosting events and employing people from the area.


Oakland Coffee is owned and operated by three local business owners, each with their own unique skill set and background. With their mission to provide the best coffee and customer service possible, they have become a beloved spot in Oakland and beyond.





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