who invented iced coffee

who invented iced coffee

History Of Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is a popular summer treat that was unintentionally invented in the 1800s by an Australian-born American entrepreneur named, David Strang.

David Strang – The Father Of Iced Coffee

David Strang was born near Melbourne in 1867 and later moved to America. He was an enterprising individual who created an ice machine that would help ship supplies to the remote Australian outback. It was during this time that he unknowingly invented iced coffee.

A Chance Discovery

When shipments of coffee beans reached the remote outback, Strang realized that the ice machine had kept them cold and fresh. After trying what he thought at the time was a rather strange tasting beverage, he realized the coffee was cold and quite tasty. His curiosity was piqued and he experimented by mixing cold water and freshly brewed coffee.

The Popularity Of Iced Coffee

The rest is history. Strang introduced iced coffee to the public and promoted it heavily. It became an instant hit and by the early 1900s, iced coffee was a popular and accessible beverage.

The Modern Iced Coffee

Today, iced coffee is widely available, often sold in cafes, coffee shops, and even in supermarkets. Iced coffee can now come in a variety of flavors, from mocha to vanilla, and can be prepared with several methods, from cold brew to flash brew.


David Strang’s invention of iced coffee, though unintentional, is a classic example of how innovative thinking can yield unexpected, and delicious, results. Iced coffee is now a worldwide staple, enjoyed by coffee lovers on hot summer days and year-round.

Thanks to David Strang, iced coffee has become refreshing and enjoyed around the world!





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