what oat milk does coffee bean use

what oat milk does coffee bean use

What Does Coffee Bean Use Oat Milk For?

Coffee Bean has recently added oat milk to its menu, and it is popular among coffee drinkers who are looking for alternative, plant-based milks. Oat milk is a great addition to coffee and brings a silky smooth texture and luxurious flavor. Here are some of the things Coffee Bean does with oat milk.

Making Latte and Cappuccino

Oat milk is a great choice for making creamy and delicious lattes and cappuccinos. Coffee Bean uses it to create smooth and full-bodied drinks that can rival the texture and flavor of traditional dairy milk.

Adding Foam and Texture to Drinks

Oat milk is particularly good for creating silky foam and a creamy texture. Coffee Bean uses it to make all kinds of drinks, from cappuccinos to macchiatos and beyond.

Making Vegan Drinks

With oat milk, Coffee Bean can now make vegan drinks that have the same flavor and texture as drinks made with dairy milk. And it’s not just lattes and cappuccinos–oat milk can be used to add body and flavor to a variety of vegan drinks.


Coffee Bean loves to get creative with its drinks and oat milk is the perfect starting point. From oat milk ice lattes to luxurious oat milk hot chocolate, Coffee Bean is always experimenting with new combinations and flavors.

Creating Unique Blends

Oat milk brings its own unique flavor profile to drinks, so Coffee Bean can create blends that you won’t find anywhere else. From specialty lattes to creamy cappuccinos, Coffee Bean has mastered the art of blending oat milk and coffee for drinks you won’t want to miss.


Coffee Bean’s use of oat milk is an exciting development for coffee drinkers everywhere. Whether you’re looking for a vegan alternative or just a unique twist on your favorite drink, Coffee Bean has something for you. With oat milk, Coffee Bean is Creative, Delicious, and Deliciously vegan.





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