what kind of coffee for french press

what kind of coffee for french press

Types of Coffee to Brew in a French Press

Using a French press is a great way to make a cup of rich and full-bodied coffee. While all types of coffee beans can be used to brew in a French press, certain varieties have been specifically designed to produce the best overall taste when used with this brewing method.

100% Arabica

Arabica beans are distinguished by their sweetness and more subtle flavor; these beans tend to be more expensive than other types but provide a superior flavor profile for French press brewing. Popular Arabica beans used in a French press include:

  • Guatemalan: Coffee beans from Guatemala tend to have a citrus aroma and can make a great cup of dark and smoky espresso when brewed in a French press.
  • Brazilian: Coffee beans from Brazil have a deep and earthy taste and provide a unique flavor when used with a French press.
  • Kenyan: Kenyan beans have light citrus and floral notes, as well as a bright and well-balanced flavor. These beans produce a cup of coffee with plenty of body and a smooth finish when brewed in a French press.
  • Colombian: Coffee beans from Colombia have a light and sweet flavor with notes of citrus and chocolate. These beans produce a cup of coffee that is slightly sour but balanced and easy to drink.


Blends are a combination of two or more different coffee beans. When skilled roasters blend coffee beans from different growing regions, they form a complex and balanced cup of coffee that can bring out the best qualities of all the beans. Popular blends for use with a French press include:

  • Hazelnut Cream: This blend is a combination of coffee beans from several different countries and provides notes of sweet hazelnut and buttery cream when brewed in a French press.
  • Breakfast Blend: A blend of beans from Colombia, Guatemala and Peru, this combination provides an aroma of dark chocolate and a smooth and balanced cup of coffee that is perfect for any morning.
  • Dark Italian Roast: This blend is roasted darker than most to bring out a fuller, richer flavor. It has notes of dark chocolate and toasted nuts and produces a cup of coffee that is strong and bold.
  • Espresso Roast: An espresso blend of beans from Sumatra, Colombia and Brazil provides a full-bodied cup of coffee that has a deep, velvety flavor and a sweet aftertaste.

In summary, when looking for the perfect coffee for brewing in a French press, it’s important to consider the type of bean that will produce the best cup of coffee. For a rich and full-bodied cup of coffee, 100% Arabica beans are recommended. On the other hand, blends can provide a complex and balanced cup of coffee with subtle notes of chocolate and other flavors.





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