what is coffee with condensed milk called

what is coffee with condensed milk called

What is Coffee with Condensed Milk Called?

Coffee with condensed milk has become a common beverage all over the globe, primarily in Southeast Asia countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. This creamy and sweet type of coffee is usually served hot, with the condensed milk providing an intense, rich flavor.

How Coffee with Condensed Milk is Made

The traditional way of making coffee with condensed milk requires exactly that – coffee, condensed milk, and sometimes sugar. First, the coffee and condensed milk are stirred together before sugar is added to taste. Then the mixture is poured over ice to cool, or heated before it can be served.

Popular Variations of Coffee with Condensed Milk

Depending on the region, the coffee with condensed milk can vary. There are several popular variations of this type of coffee from all across the world:

  • Vietnamese Iced Coffee – this variation usually consists of sweetened condensed milk and Vietnamese-style coffee. It is usually served over ice.
  • Hong Kong-Style Milk Coffee – this variation of coffee with condensed milk uses more condensed milk than coffee, providing a more creamy and sweet taste.
  • Thai Coffee – this variation of coffee with condensed milk is made with strong, dark-roast coffee, and served with sweetened condensed milk. It is often served over ice or in cold weather, served hot.
  • Café de Leche – this Spanish variation of coffee with condensed milk is made with robust roasted espresso and condensed milk. It is usually served hot.
  • Café Bombón – this variant, made in Valencia, Spain, is made with equal parts espresso and condensed milk.


Coffee with condensed milk is a common beverage, known by different names all around the world. No matter what you call it, the combination of coffee and condensed milk results in a creamy, tasty cup of goodness that’s enjoyed by many.





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