what happened to sirius coffee house

what happened to sirius coffee house

What Happened To Sirius Coffee House?

Sirius Coffee House used to be a popular indie coffee shop in Austin, Texas. It was founded by two brothers, Carlos and Javier Vasquez, in 2006. It quickly became a favorite spot for many locals, who appreciated its unique blend of Mexican coffee, coffee drinks, beer and wine, and a wide selection of food.

However, the future of Sirius Coffee House has recently been in question, after the brothers announced their intention to close the shop in early 2017.

The Reason For Closure

The closure of Sirius Coffee House was due to financial difficulty. The brothers had opened the coffee shop with a vision of creating a local gathering place, but they encountered financial challenges that made it difficult to keep the business open.

Additionally, the changing landscape of Austin’s restaurant industry, which has become increasingly dominated by corporate chains, made it hard for Sirius Coffee House to compete.

A Sad Goodbye

The closure of Sirius Coffee House was a difficult decision for the brothers. For many members of the community it was a sad farewell, as the shop had become a treasured part of Austin’s culture.

The brothers shared a heartfelt letter on their website, thanking the local community for their support over the years. The post concluded with a hopeful message for the future: “We are so thankful for the love and support we’ve received over the years, and we look forward to our next adventure.”

The Legacy Of Sirius Coffee House

Although Sirius Coffee House may be gone, its legacy remains. The shop helped to establish Austin as a unique and vibrant city, and its unique blend of Mexican coffee was a favorite among locals.

In addition, the brothers’ commitment to quality customer service and a focus on creating a friendly gathering place inspired countless other small businesses in Austin.

What Does The Future Hold?

The future of the Vasquez brothers is still uncertain. They have expressed a desire to open another business, but for now their focus is on spending quality time with family and forming new and exciting plans for the future.

No matter what the future holds, one thing is certain: the legacy of Sirius Coffee House will remain in the hearts of the Austin community for years to come.





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