what can you use instead of a coffee filter

what can you use instead of a coffee filter

Coffee Filters Alternatives

Coffee filters are essential for a good cup of coffee, but if you are looking for an alternative, there are several options to choose from.

Tea Towels

Tea towels can make a great substitute for paper filters. All you have to do is fold the towel several times over and place it in the filter cone. However, you should make sure the towel is 100% cotton and clean, otherwise the flavor of the coffee can be altered.


Cheesecloth is a great all-around fabric to use when you are looking for a filter replacement. Cheesecloth has a tight knit that makes it an effective filter, but it needs to be replaced after each use as it cannot be washed and re-used.

Paper Towels

Paper towels are also an alternative to paper filters. Just make sure to use two sheets, one placed on top and one on the bottom, to get the same results as with a paper filter.

Reusable Mesh Filters

Reusable metal and nylon mesh filters are perhaps the best alternative to paper filters. They are specifically designed for re-use and are the most effective at keeping the grounds out of the coffee cup. Just make sure to clean the filter after each use.

Other Alternatives

Dish Cloths: Though not as fine as cheesecloth, dish cloths can also be used as a filter.

Napkins: If no other option is available, a clean napkin can be used as a makeshift coffee filter.

Eggshells: If no filter is available, you can crack an egg into a bowl, scoop away the egg white and use the the shell in place of the filter.

No matter which option you choose, coffee filters are essential for a good cup of coffee. While these alternatives aren’t perfect, they can be used if no paper filters are available.





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