what can you use for a coffee filter

what can you use for a coffee filter

What can you use for a Coffee Filter?

For anyone who loves coffee, one of the most important necessities is a filter. Understanding what materials can be used for a coffee filter will help you make sure you can always get your coffee fix, even when you don’t have a traditional filter at home.

Where to Find a Coffee Filter

The best place to find a coffee filter is the store. Traditional coffee filters made of paper and designed to fit coffee makers can easily be found in any grocery store. To ensure you always have one on-hand, keep an extra package of filters in your pantry.

Alternative materials

When coffee filters aren’t in the home, or you simply don’t have time to buy them, the following items can be used as coffee substitutes:

  • Paper Towel: Paper towels can easily be folded into a cone-shape and used in lieu of a traditional filter to hold coffee grounds as water passes over them. Be sure to select an absorbent paper towel with a thin weave to ensure it filters all the coffee grounds.
  • Cheese Cloth: Cheesecloth can also be used as a coffee filter. Cut a piece of cheesecloth, fold it multiple times and use it just like you would a traditional coffee filter.
  • MicronFilter: Similarly, a micron filter can also be used as a makeshift coffee filter. Like with the other options, simply fold the micron filter into cone-shape and use it just as you would a traditional filter.

Finding an alternative to a traditional coffee filter does not have to be hard. You always have options if you have the right materials available. All you have to do is carefully select your materials and you’ll be able to brew a pot of coffee like a barista.





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