should i get a round or rectangle coffee table

should i get a round or rectangle coffee table

Deciding Between a Round or Rectangle Coffee Table

One of the most important pieces of furniture when decorating a living room is the coffee table. They are multipurpose places for everything from placing drinks to decorations, magazines and more. One of the most common choices for coffee tables is between a round and rectangle shape. Knowing the differences between both shapes will help you choose the right one for your space.

Round coffee tables:

  • Smaller in size
  • No sharp corners
  • Good for traffic areas
  • Softens the look of a space
  • More design options

Round coffee tables are usually smaller compared to rectangle tables which makes them a great choice when you don’t have a lot of space. Their round edges are also great for safety and aesthetic reasons if you have little ones running around. One of the great benefits of round tables is that they look great in traffic areas. They can also soften a living space with their softer lines and curved edges. While some design options for round tables are limited, there are still many styles and materials you can choose from.

Rectangle coffee tables

  • More surface area to work with
  • Perfect for larger spaces
  • Expand seating areas
  • More structure
  • More design style options

Rectangle coffee tables offer a lot of surface area and usually come in larger sizes than round tables. This makes them the perfect choice for large living rooms or entertainment areas where there is more space. You can also use a rectangle table to expand seating areas in your living room or create a separation between two seating areas. Rectangle tables provide more structure and offer a lot more design style options, such as rustic, traditional, modern and more.

Which one should you choose?

When deciding which coffee table to get, the most important factor is the size and shape of your room. If you have a smaller space, a round table may be the better choice as it takes up less room. However, if you have more space, a rectangle table will offer more surface area and style options. But no matter which one you choose, having a coffee table will not only add style to your home, but also make the space much more functional!





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