is sheetz giving free coffee today

is sheetz giving free coffee today

Is Sheetz Giving Free Coffee Today?

As the temperature rises, customers everywhere are eagerly wondering if Sheetz is giving out free coffee today! Sheetz has long been known for offering free coffee on certain days.

How Can You Get Free Sheetz Coffee?

Here are the steps to follow to take advantage of Sheetz’s free coffee offer:

  • Go to your closest Sheetz location.
  • On certain days, check the company’s social media to find out if it’s an “any size coffee” day.
  • Take your pick of coffee – including specialty blend and frozen coffee beverages.
  • Fill your cup with piping hot coffee and enjoy it for free.

Now, the question remains – is Sheetz giving free coffee today?

Check Sheetz’s Social Media Accounts

Visiting Sheetz’s Twitter and Facebook accounts is a great way to find out if they are giving away free coffee, and on which days! Sheetz shares special promos, like free coffee, right in the newsfeed.

Sign Up for the Sheetz Rewards Program

Another great way to find out about Sheetz’s free coffee days is to sign up for their rewards program. The Sheetz Rewards program gives customers the opportunity to earn and redeem points for free products and services.

The Bottom Line

While Sheetz doesn’t give away free coffee every day, they do reward customers for their loyalty with complimentary coffee and other items. Keep an eye on your local Sheetz and follow the company’s social media accounts to make sure you don’t miss out on a free coffee day!





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