is la colombe coffee good

is la colombe coffee good

Is La Colombe Coffee Good?

It’s hard to deny La Colombe’s success in the coffee market. They offer an ever-expanding range of effortless-to-brew coffees, and the brand’s popularity just continues to grow.

But, the big question is: is La Colombe coffee actually good?

The answer: Absolutely. La Colombe’s beans are roasted to perfection, with each cup boasting a smooth and balanced flavour. Many of their hot-brewed coffees are medium roast, allowing for a range of flavourful nuances that espresso cannot provide.

Tasting Notes

Each blend from La Colombe is designed to create a unique tasting experience. Here are five of the most popular blends and their core tasting notes:

  • Draft Latte: A smooth coffee with light nutty and chocolate tones.
  • Classic Blend: A lightly roasted mix of African and South American beans with notes of dark chocolate.
  • Cold Brew Blend: A dark, bold blend with a heavy body and sweet syrupy notes.
  • Triple Shot On Ice: A rich and dark espresso with berry and cocoa tasting notes.
  • Single Origin: A unique cup boasting the unique terroir of each origin, bringing out the distinct flavours of each region.

Brewing Processes

La Colombe also offer an incredible range of brewing parcels – from cold brew to espresso and more. All you need to do is select your preferred grind and brew method, and you will be spoilt for choice.

For a full-bodied cup of coffee, we recommend using the French press or Aeropress method. Both methods provide great flavour extraction, allowing for maximum flavour development.


Overall, La Colombe’s range of coffees is of a superior quality. There is a range of process to choose from, allowing you to enjoy a cup that suits your tastes and preferences. So, if you haven’t already, give La Colombe a try – you won’t be disappointed.





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