is kirkland coffee starbucks

is kirkland coffee starbucks

Is Kirkland Coffee from Starbucks?

Kirkland coffee is a popular brand of coffee that is widely available at retailers like Costco. Many people wonder whether it is produced by Starbucks, so let’s take a look at the facts.

The Origin of Kirkland Coffee

Kirkland coffee is a brand owned by Costco, the well-known warehouse chain. The coffee is exclusive to Costco, meaning that the only place it can be purchased is at the warehouse itself. Kirkland looks very similar to a Starbucks coffee label and this has led to the misconception that the two brands are connected.

Is Starbucks Involved with Kirkland Coffee?

No, Starbucks is not involved with Kirkland coffee in any way. It is not surprising that people confuse the two because the coffee look very similar but any notion that one is produced by the other is completely baseless.

What Coffee Does Starbucks Produce?

Starbucks does produce its own line of coffee, which is branded with the Starbucks logo. These coffees are available in Starbucks stores, as well as in other retail outlets. The coffees are also available on the Starbucks website and can be purchased in bulk.


Kirkland coffee is produced exclusively by Costco, not Starbucks. While the two products have a similar look, they are not connected and Starbucks does not produce Kirkland coffee in any way. For Starbucks coffee, shoppers should look for the recognizable green, white, and black logo.
In conclusion, Kirkland Coffee is not from Starbucks.





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