is eggnog in coffee good

is eggnog in coffee good

Is Eggnog in Coffee a Good Idea?

Eggnog is a traditional Christmas beverage that many people look forward to every year. But could eggnog also be used in coffee? If you’re looking for a unique way to enjoy your coffee, then eggnog-flavored coffee might be something to consider.

The Pros and Cons of Eggnog Coffee

There can be some pros and cons to adding eggnog to your coffee. Some of the advantages of eggnog coffee include:

  • Tastes Delicious – Eggnog coffee tastes amazingly good. The combination of eggnog and coffee creates a unique flavor that many people love.
  • Available Year-Round – You don’t have to wait till Christmas to enjoy this delicious drink. You can now find eggnog coffee at cafes and stores throughout the year.
  • Unique Flavor – Eggnog coffee combines the flavor of both coffee and eggnog, creating a unique flavor that you can’t find in any other type of coffee.

On the other hand, some of the cons of eggnog coffee include:

  • High-Calorie Drink – eggnog, even the low-calorie varieties, is a high-calorie beverage. When it’s added to coffee, the drink’s calorie count increases significantly.
  • Contains Alcohol – Traditional eggnog is usually made with alcoholic beverages such as rum or brandy. Although it is possible to find non-alcoholic eggnog, the drink still contains trace amounts of alcohol.


At the end of the day, whether or not eggnog in coffee is a good idea depends on your personal preference. If you like the flavor and are willing to accept the high-calorie content of this beverage, then eggnog coffee can be a great way to enjoy your coffee.





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