is decaf coffee hydrating

is decaf coffee hydrating

Is Decaf Coffee Hydrating?

Decaf coffee is a great alternative to caffeinated coffee for those who don’t want the energizing effects of caffeine but still crave a nice hot cup of joe. But what effect does it have on your hydration level?

How Decaf Coffee Is Made

Decaf coffee starts out as regular caffeinated coffee beans. The beans are then treated with a solvent that extracts the caffeine from them. Usually, this process leaves 97 to 99 percent of the caffeine removed. But does it also remove any of the beneficial hydration effects of drinking coffee?

Can Decaf Hydrate You?

Most experts agree that coffee – even decaf – can help with hydration. It is composed mostly of water; so, some of the water that you consume in it can contribute to your daily hydration goals.

Caveats of Decaf’s Hydrating Effects

While decaf coffee can help you meet your daily hydration goals, there are some caveats to its hydrating effects. Decaf coffee can act as a mild diuretic, meaning it can force your body to excrete extra water, thus dehydrating you. Furthermore, if you add cream and/or sugar to your decaf coffee, then you may be taking in more calories and less hydration.

What About Caffeinated Coffee?

Caffeinated coffee can count towards your daily hydration just like decaf coffee. It can also act as a mild diuretic. But its hydrating effects can be further weakened if you add cream and/or sugar to it.


Decaf coffee can indeed help you meet your daily hydration goals, but with caution. With its mild diuretic effect and the fact that adding sweeteners and creams can weaken its hydrating effects, you may want to think twice before relying solely on this beverage as your source of daily hydration.

Tips for Hydrating with Coffee

  • Drink fresh: All coffee is composed mostly of water, but the longer it sits around the less you will get from it in terms of hydration.
  • Choose decaf: Unless you’re trying to gain the energizing effects of caffeine, decaf should be your go-to for hydration.
  • Ask for water: If you plan on having coffee out at a café, order a glass of water as well to aid in the hydration.





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