is coffee low histamine

is coffee low histamine

Is Coffee Low Histamine?

People all around the world enjoy the aroma and taste of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Whether it is an iced cold brew or an espresso shot, coffee is a delicious beverage with many potential health benefits. However, those with allergies to food or a histamine intolerance must carefully consider what they eat and, if possible, choose low histamine foods and drinks. So, let’s explore the question: Is coffee low histamine?

Low Histamine Coffee

Most types of coffee are relatively low in histamine. That being said, reactions to caffeine, flavonoids and other ingredients in coffee can trigger histamine intolerance. This means that some people may experience an adverse reaction from drinking coffee on a regular basis . Furthermore, those who have a true histamine intolerance must avoid coffee that has been roasted for a long period of time.


When it comes to enjoying a hot cup of coffee, there are a few factors to consider when selecting a low histamine option:

  • Choose Arabica coffee beans over Robusta beans, as they are lower in histamine.
  • Purchase freshly roasted and stored coffee.
  • Drink coffee with cream, as this lowers the histamine content in the beverage.
  • Avoid blending coffee with other high histamine foods such as sugar or flavored syrups


To answer the question “Is coffee low histamine?”, the answer is generally yes, as most types of coffee beans are not high in histamine. However, people with histamine intolerance must take into account additional factors such as the type of bean and storage of the coffee beans when selecting a low histamine coffee.





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