is coffee fodmap friendly

is coffee fodmap friendly

Is Coffee FODMAP Friendly?

A frequently asked question in the low FODMAP world is “Is coffee FODMAP friendly?”. The answer is yes, but with some important details to consider.

Fructose & Lactose Content

Fructose and lactose are two major FODMAPs to be mindful of when it comes to coffee. While coffee beans contain a trace amount of FODMAPs such as fructose, the amount is considered low FODMAP. This means it can easily be tolerated by many people on the low FODMAP diet.

Additionally, it is important to be aware of what you are adding to your coffee. Traditional dairy milk contains high levels of lactose and should be avoided. However, lactose-free dairy products, such as lactose-free milk, can make a great addition to your coffee while remaining low FODMAP.

Another popular choice is plant-based milks, such as almond, macadamia or coconut milk. All three are deemed low FODMAP in food servings up to 1 cup according to Monash University. Some other alternatives to dairy milk include soy milk (low FODMAP) and oat milk (high FODMAP).

Flavourings & Sweeteners

When it comes to flavourings, sugar and sweeteners, there are several low FODMAP options to choose from. Examples include:

  • Sugar: granulated sugar, raw sugar, brown sugar, coconut sugar, demerara sugar and maple syrup (all low FODMAP in food servings up to 1 tablespoon).
  • Sweeteners: Stevia, SweetLeaf and Natvia ( all low FODMAP).
  • Flavourings: Vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate (all low FODMAP in food servings up to 1 teaspoon).

It is important to be aware of the right quantities of flavourings and sweeteners too. Always double-check the Monash University FODMAP app for recommended food servings to stay low FODMAP safe!


To summarise, coffee is generally considered a low FODMAP drink and can be sipped on with confidence. Just be mindful of what you are adding to your coffee and always double-check the quantities of flavourings and sweeteners to stay low FODMAP safe.

Happy sipping!





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