is camp coffee still available

is camp coffee still available

Is Camp Coffee Still Available?

Camp Coffee has been a staple of the British cupboard for more than 100 years. An unmistakable black and gold-topped jar, the classic product is a nostalgic reminder of family camping trips and childhood memories. But is it still available, or has it gone away with the wind?

The Traditional Camp Coffee Recipe

Camp Coffee is a mixture of chicory, sugar, and coffee extract. Chicory was used to stretch the intense flavour of the coffee, while the sugar added sweetness. The use of chicory in the recipe made it a much cheaper way to get the same coffee taste. This was the composition of the traditional recipe and the one most people remember.

Modern Camp Coffee Offerings

Camp Coffee has evolved over the years to cater for changing tastes. Today, Camp Coffee is still available on supermarket shelves with the same classic black and gold label, but the recipe has changed from the traditional offering. The new recipe no longer includes chicory, only coffee extract and sugar, so it offers a much stronger coffee taste.

Availability of Camp Coffee

Camp Coffee is widely available in most major supermarkets in Britain, so you should have no trouble finding it. You can also purchase it online if you’re looking for convenience.


Camp Coffee may have changed over the years, but it’s still an iconic and popular product in Britain. You won’t have any trouble finding it in your local supermarket, and you can always order it online if you need the convenience.

So, yes, Camp Coffee is still available.





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