how to use aldi cold brew coffee maker

how to use aldi cold brew coffee maker

How to Use an ALDI Cold Brew Coffee Maker

ALDI’s cold brew coffee maker is a convenient way to make a delicious cold brew without the fuss of making it manually. To get the perfect cup of cold brew with this machine, here is what you need to do:

Prepare the Ingredients

  • 1 lb. of coarse ground coffee
  • 6 – 8 cups of cold, filtered water

Fill the Container

  • Place the ground coffee into the brewer’s container.
  • Slowly pour in the cold, filtered water until the container is full.
  • Secure the lid on the container.

Brew the Coffee

  • Place the container in the machine: Fit the container securely into the machine. Make sure the lid is locked before operating.
  • Set the timer: Depending on your taste preference, adjust the timer on the machine to the desired strength. A shorter brewing time will result in a milder, less bitter cup of coffee, while a longer brewing time will create a stronger cup.
  • Start the brewing cycle: Press the “start” button on the machine. The cold brew will brew for the set amount of time and automatically shut off when done.

Enjoy Your Coffee!

Once the brewing cycle is complete, the cold brew is ready to be enjoyed. You can add in dairy, alternative milk, or a sweetener of choice to your cup of coffee. ENJOY!





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