how to use a campfire coffee percolator

how to use a campfire coffee percolator

How to Use a Campfire Coffee Percolator

Things you will need:

  • Campfire Coffee Percolator
  • Ground coffee
  • Small pot (Optional)
  • Water


  1. Fill the percolator with cold water to just below the inner tube. Don’t go over the tube or your coffee will be too weak. For best results use filtered water.
  2. If you are using a small pot, add a few tablespoons of ground coffee to the pot. Otherwise, directly sprinkle two tablespoons of ground coffee into the percolator.
  3. Put the tube with the spring filter into the percolator and screw on the lid.
  4. Put the percolator over the campfire. You should have a good amount of heat but not too much to burn the coffee. Keep the lid open for about half a minute so that the steam can escape.
  5. After about 10 minutes, the pot should begin to fill with coffee. Let it sit for another 5 minutes and it should be ready.
  6. Carefully remove the coffee from the heat and serve. Enjoy!





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