how to set the clock on cuisinart coffee maker

how to set the clock on cuisinart coffee maker

How To Set The Clock On Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Adjusting the clock on your Cuisinart coffee maker is an easy task that will ensure that you always have a hot cup of coffee ready and waiting in the morning. All you need is a few minutes of your time, and you’re all set!

Steps To Follow:

  • Step 1:Locate the “Clock Set” button on the coffee maker. It should be located somewhere on the top or side of the control panel.
  • Step 2:Press the “Clock Set” button and hold it down until the clock display begins to flash. This will indicate that the coffee maker is in “clock set” mode.
  • Step 3:Determine the current time and then adjust the hour and minutes on the clock display accordingly. The adjustment buttons should be clearly marked on the control panel.
  • Step 4:Press the “Clock Set” button again to confirm the time. At this point, the clock should be set correctly and the coffee maker will now remember the adjusted time.


  • Make sure to set the clock display in a well-lit area, so that you can easily see it and make any necessary adjustments.
  • If the time you set is not accurate, simply repeat the steps to fine-tune the settings.


Setting the clock on your Cuisinart coffee maker is a quick and easy task. With just a few adjustments to the clock display, you can have a fresh, hot cup of coffee ready for you in the morning in no time!





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