how to set delay brew on older mr coffee

how to set delay brew on older mr coffee

How to Set Delay Brew on Older Mr. Coffee Models

It’s convenient to wake up to the smell of fresh coffee, but who wants to get up even earlier to program their coffee pot? As its name implies, delay brew allows you to set your Mr. Coffee machine so it can automatically brew for you at a pre-determined time. Setting up this feature is a breeze, even on the oldest Mr. Coffee models.

Things You’ll Need

  • Mr. Coffee coffee pot
  • Coffee grounds
  • Water filter (optional)

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Fill the coffee pot with water. Pour water through either the removable filter basket or pour directly into the reservoir, if your model does not have a filter. Note: If your model has a filter basket, use the appropriate water filter for the best-tasting coffee.
  2. Fill the filter basket with coffee grounds. Measure out the recommended amount of coffee grounds, or fill the basket until it’s level with the rim.
  3. Plug in the coffee pot. Plug the coffee pot into an electrical outlet and switch the power button to ‘on.’
  4. Set the time. Set the time of day on the clock, typically indicated by the arrow-shaped buttons or number keypad.
  5. Set the delaybrew. Press and hold the delaybrew button for a few seconds until the LCD display flashes. Continue pressing the delaybrew button until you reach the desired wake-up time.
  6. Set other desired functions. Press the function buttons to turn on bold, auto shut-off and/or keep-warm. Different models offer various features. Refer to your instruction booklet for more information.
  7. Press the start button. Your coffee pot will begin brewing at the pre-determined time.


  • For the best coffee flavor, use cold water and freshly ground coffee beans.
  • Not all Mr. Coffee models offer the hot water brew feature.
  • Refer to your user guide for further instructions and troubleshooting.





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