how to send coffee to someone

how to send coffee to someone

How to Send Coffee to Someone

Buying a coffee for someone special is a simple way to show them that you care. Don’t let distance be a barrier to giving the gift of caffeine. Here are the steps to send coffee to someone no matter where you are:

Choose Your Coffee

First and foremost, you must select and purchase the desired coffee. Whether you choose to buy online, can purchase from the nearest shop or create the perfect blend, make sure it is something that the recipient will enjoy.

Select a Delivery Service

Once you’ve chosen the right coffee, you will need to select a delivery service. There are plenty of choices for shipping coffee locally, nationally or even internationally depending on the distance. Make sure to compare courier services and select a company that has the best coverage and lowest cost.

Package the Coffee

It is important to package your coffee correctly so that the beans or grounds remain fresh during transit. If grounds, you can purchase coffee filters which are often cheaper and easier to package than grounds. If beans, you must make sure to place them in a sealed bag, box or vacuum-sealable container. Make sure the bag or container is heat-sealed and airtight.

Shipping the Coffee

Once you have everything packed up, you can go to your delivery service of choice, or online, and send it out. Be sure to include a personalized note to make the experience more meaningful.

By following these 4 steps you can easily send coffee to someone else, no matter how far away they may be.

TIP: Consider sending a gift basket with other treats and items they’ll enjoy to make it even more special!





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