how to order a coffee

how to order a coffee

How to Order a Coffee

If your morning needs a caffeine boost, enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee! Ordering coffee at a coffee shop or cafe is usually simple and easy. Here’s a guide on how to order a delicious cup of coffee.

Choose Your Location

Start by selecting your coffee shop. What type of coffee shop do you prefer? Does it provide traditional espresso drinks or cold brew on tap? Knowing what kind of shop to choose can help streamline the ordering process.

Choose Your Drink

Choose a coffee or espresso drink such as an americano or cappuccino. Understand the differences between each drink to ensure you get the right type. Other than espresso drinks, there are also frappuccino, iced coffee and hot tea options available.

Select Your Add-Ons

After selecting your order, determine if you’d like to add any extras. Popular add-ons include:

  • Creamers – Use creamer to adjust the flavor or add sweetness to your drink.
  • Sweeteners – Add sweetness such as sugar or honey to your drink.
  • Toppings – Add toppings for a touch of flavor such as syrups, cocoa powder, cinnamon or whipped cream.

Pay for Your Coffee

Finally, after you’ve ordered and added any extras, make sure to pay for your coffee. Contactless payment options usually available are cash, credit/debit cards, Apple or Android Pay.

Enjoy Your Coffee

Now, you’re all set to enjoy your freshly brewed cup of coffee. Check out new coffee shops to find different varieties of coffee and espresso drinks. Enjoy!





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