how to make 2 cups of coffee

how to make 2 cups of coffee

How to Make 2 Cups of Coffee

Making coffee is simple and easy, and a surefire way to start your day off right! Here is a step-by-step guide to brewing two cups of delicious coffee.


  • 2 tbsp ground coffee
  • 16 fl oz of water


  1. Bring your water to a boil.
  2. Measure out your 2 tbsp of ground coffee. Add it to your coffee filter. Place the filter in your coffee maker.
  3. Pour your boiled water into the coffee maker, covering the grounds in the filter.
  4. Allow the coffee to steep for 4-5 minutes. This will allow the coffee grounds to release the delicious flavor into the hot water
  5. Remove the filter, and serve your delicious coffee with cream and sugar, as desired.


And there you have it – two cups of delicious coffee! Coffee can be brewed in lots of different ways, but this is one of the simplest and most flavorful. Enjoy your freshly brewed coffee!





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