how to drink coffee liqueur

how to drink coffee liqueur

How to Drink Coffee Liqueur

Coffee liqueur is a delicious, smooth drink, made from coffee, sugar and ethenol. It can be enjoyed on its own, with ice, or as part of a mixed drink. Here are some simple tips for drinking coffee liqueur.

On Its Own

  • Chill the liqueur in the refrigerator or freezer before serving.
  • To let the taste of the liqueur shine through, opt for a shot glass without ice.
  • Optional: you can pour a little bit of light cream or half-and-half into the shot glass before adding the liqueur if you prefer it with a bit of creaminess.
  • Enjoy slowly.

Over Ice

  • Fill a rocks glass with large ice cubes.
  • Pour in the chilled liqueur.
  • Garnish with a cinnamon stick for an extra special touch.
  • Sip slowly.

Mixed Drinks

  • Coffee liqueur is a great addition to an Irish coffee.
  • You can also mix it with dark rum and dairy or coconut milk for a delightful variation on a White Russian.
  • Alternatively, pour coffee liqueur over espresso or coffee ice cream for an indulgent adult treat.

No matter how you decide to drink your coffee liqueur, enjoy it slowly and savor the flavors.





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