how to clean bodum coffee grinder

how to clean bodum coffee grinder

How to Clean Bodum Coffee Grinder?

If you love making fresh coffee, owning a Bodum coffee grinder is a must. But like any other kitchen appliance, it needs to be regularly cleaned in order to ensure its proper operation. Below are some steps to help you clean a Bodum Coffee Grinder efficiently:

Step 1: Unplugging and Disassembling

  • Unplug the Bodum grinder and make sure it is cool before starting to clean it.
  • Carefully open the grinder and unpack the parts, including the blade assembly and detachable parts.
  • If necessary, you may clean them separately.

Step 2: Wiping the Components

  • Take a damp cloth and wipe the body and components of the Bodum grinder.
  • Start with the lid and then focus on the bowl and blade assembly.
  • Note: Make sure not to use water directly, as it could damage the components.

Step 3: Scrubbing and Drying

  • Scrub the container and the lid with a soft, bristled brush.
  • Rinse the parts with water, and then dry them with a clean cloth.
  • Allow the parts to air dry before reassembling.

Step 4: Reassembling the Components

  • Once all the components are dry, reassemble them properly.
  • Start with the blade assembly and then attach the lid.
  • Note: Make sure the components are properly secured in the grinder.


Cleaning a Bodum Coffee Grinder regularly is key to maintaining its efficient performance. Make sure you unplug the grinder and wait for it to cool down, before starting the cleaning process. Wipe the machine with a damp cloth, scrub the container and lid, and dry the components, before properly reassembling it.





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