how to clean a 10 cup bunn coffee maker


How to Clean a 10 Cup Bunn Coffee Maker

We all love a good cup of coffee, but for making the best coffee, your Bunn coffee maker needs to be regularly and thoroughly cleaned! Here’s what you need to know about cleaning this appliance.



    • Prepare the coffee machine

      Before you get started, make sure the coffee maker is unplugged and all removable parts are available. Remove the coffee pot and the filter holder, which has two components—a funnel filter and a sprayhead.


    • Wash the removable parts

      Place the filter holder and funnel filter in a sink filled with hot, soapy water. Let them soak for 15 minutes, and then rinse them with clean water. Fill the coffee pot with hot, soapy water and let it soak until all particles are removed. Rinse out the coffee pot with hot water.


    • Clean the sprayhead

      Take a paper clip and insert it into the small openings of the sprayhead. Move the paper clip around, gently, in order to loosen any coffee grounds and other blockages from the tiny holes. Rinse the sprayhead and filter holder with hot water.


    • Clean the interior

      Now it’s time to reclean the interior of the coffee maker. Fill the water tank with 8oz. of white vinegar and 8oz. of water. Place the filter holder, funnel filter, and sprayhead back in their places, and turn the machine on. Let the machine brew until the entire liquid flows into the coffee pot, and then turn it off.


    • Final steps

      Take out the filter holder and sprayhead, and pour out the vinegar solution. Rinse the entire machine with clean water and clean any remaining residue with a cloth or brush. Lastly, fill the water tank with water and let the machine brew until all of the water is gone, which will get rid of any residual vinegar.




    • Always unplug the coffee maker and remove the power cord before proceeding.


    • White Vinegar can be used to remove any built-up scale in the machine.


    • For the best tasting coffee, the machine should be cleaned at least once a month.


That’s it—you have now learned how to properly clean your 10-cup Bunn coffee maker and maintain it for best performance. Enjoy your delicious cup of coffee and continue to enjoy it every morning!





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