how to baby proof coffee table

how to baby proof coffee table

How to Baby Proof Your Coffee Table

When your baby enters your home, safety is always a top priority. With a little planning and effort, you can easily baby proof your coffee table to keep your little one far away from accidents:

1.Choose Non-Toxic Materials

The materials of your coffee table can influence how baby-proof the table is. Try to look for coffee tables with non-toxic materials, and rounded edges that won’t cut your baby’s skin.

2. Install Corner Edge Protectors

Corner edge protectors are a great way to make the edges of your coffee table safer for your baby. You can also look for a coffee table with corner cushions that can offer a softer surface for your baby to touch.

3. Move any Unsafe Objects and Furniture

Make sure to properly secure any furniture piece near or around your coffee table. Make sure that all the furniture pieces are securely fastened to the wall or floor and are further away from your coffee table to prevent your baby from pulling them over.

4. Create a Baby Friendly Area

Designate a specific part of your coffee table as baby-friendly. Choose materials that are safe for your baby and create a space for them to explore safely. Place some toys near the table and add pillows so they can sit and play.

5. Install Drawer Latches

If your coffee table has any drawers, make sure to install child safety latches to prevent your baby from opening the drawer and accessing any dangerous objects inside.

By taking these steps, you can easily baby-proof your coffee table and make sure your little one stays away from any potential dangers. Have a safe and enjoyable time with your baby!





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