how much is in a coffee scoop

how much is in a coffee scoop

How Much Is in a Coffee Scoop?

Coffee is an essential part of many people’s daily lives, but knowing how much to use can be a challenge. A coffee scoop is a helpful tool for determining the right amount of coffee needed, but how much is in a coffee scoop?

Coffee Scoops

A coffee scoop is typically a spoon-shaped measuring tool made of plastic or metal. The number of teaspoons in a coffee scoop can vary depending on the size of the scoop and the type of coffee being brewed. A scoop typically is designed to hold one tablespoon, while other scoops may hold two or more tablespoons.

Serving Sizes

Most coffee companies recommend that one tablespoon of coffee grounds, or one coffee scoop, be used for every six ounces of water to make coffee. This will typically produce a drink with a good flavor balance. For stronger coffee, more coffee can be used, but this should be tested and adjusted to find the desired taste.

Coffee Pot Sizes

When making coffee to pour into a pot, the amount of coffee used should reflect the pot’s size. As a general rule, use the following amounts of coffee for the stated pot sizes:

  • Small 4-cup Pot: 4 tablespoons of coffee (2 coffee scoops)
  • 8-cup Pot: 8 tablespoons of coffee (4 coffee scoops)
  • 12-cup Pot: 12 tablespoons of coffee (6 coffee scoops)

An exception to this is if a lighter or stronger taste is desired, as then less or more coffee may be needed.


Knowing how much coffee to use can be difficult, but the general rule for a regular-sized coffee scoop is one tablespoon for six ounces of water. If making coffee for a pot, use the amounts listed above. Adjust the amounts to suit your tastes with experiments to find the perfect ratio of coffee to water.





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