how much is coffee at mcdonald’s for seniors

how much is coffee at mcdonald’s for seniors

Price of Coffee at McDonald’s for Seniors

Seniors can enjoy a great cup of coffee at McDonald’s, and their wallet will thank them too! The cost of coffee for Seniors at McDonald’s is discounted in the majority of locations.

What Does A Senior Discount Look Like?

At most McDonald’s locations, a senior discount on coffee looks like this:

  • Small Coffee: $0.99
  • Medium Coffee: $1.19
  • Large Coffee: $1.39

As you can see, seniors can enjoy a cup of joe from the Golden Arches for a fraction of the usual cost.

Where Can I Find These Deals?

Though the senior discount on coffee is offered in the majority of McDonald’s locations, it’s always good to call ahead and ask. Additionally, anyone interested in capitalizing on a senior discount should check out the official website for their local McDonald’s to see if a senior discount specific to their area is advertised.


Seniors can enjoy a hot drink and a wallet-friendly price at McDonald’s. With discounts so low, you won’t want to go anywhere else to get your caffeine fix.





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