how much is coffee at mcdonald’s for seniors

how much is coffee at mcdonald’s for seniors

Coffee at McDonald’s for Seniors

Are you a senior looking to enjoy a cup of coffee at McDonald’s? The good news is that there are discounts available for seniors!


At most locations, seniors can purchase any size of coffee for a discounted price. The price is usually under $1.00.

Additional Savings

Seniors can take advantage of the values available for their coffee purchase. Some McDonald’s locations offer discounts for multiple coffee purchases. For example, you may be able to purchase two coffees for a discounted price.

Senior Discounts

Most McDonald’s locations offer senior discounts for coffee. Here are a few examples to consider:

  • AARP Rewards: This exclusive rewards program for members of the AARP gives seniors discounted coffee prices.
  • Free Coffee: Seniors who are members of McDonald’s loyalty program may be entitled to free coffee now and then.
  • Discounts with Coupons: Printable coupons and other discounts may be available that give seniors discounts on coffee.

Enjoying Your Coffee

When you purchase coffee at McDonald’s, you can either enjoy your cup there or take it to go. If you are eating onsite, you can help yourself to sugar, cream, and other coffee condiments. If you opt to take it to go, your coffee may come with complimentary condiments.

So the next time you visit a McDonald’s, remember that seniors may be entitled to discounted prices on coffee!





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