how many tablespoons for 12 cups of coffee

how many tablespoons for 12 cups of coffee

How Many Tablespoons for 12 Cups of Coffee?

Brewing coffee is an art and measuring the coffee-to-water ratio is an important part of making great coffee. An ideal coffee-to-water ratio is 15-16 grams of coffee for 12 ounces of filtered water or one cup of coffee (237 ml). The answer to the question “How many tablespoons for 12 cups of coffee?” depends on how you measure your coffee.

Measuring by Volume

If you measure your coffee by volume, rather than weight, you’ll need 12 tablespoons of ground coffee for 12 cups of coffee.

Measuring by Weight

However, if you measure your coffee in grams, the answer is significantly different. To make 12 cups of coffee, you’ll need 192 grams of ground coffee. This equals 6.67 tablespoons. If you’re using a light-roast of coffee, use 7 tablespoons.

Tips for Making Great Coffee

Whether you’re measuring your coffee by volume or weight, there are some tips to use for brewing great coffee:

  • Use fresh, quality beans
  • Grind the beans freshly for each brew
  • Match the grind size to the type of brewer
  • Maintain a consistent ratio of coffee-to-water
  • Brew with filtered, cold water
  • Brew at the correct temperature range

Follow the above tips, and keep track of your measurements and ratio, to consistently brew a great cup of joe.





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