how many coffee beans are in a cup of coffee

how many coffee beans are in a cup of coffee

How Many Coffee Beans Are in a Cup of Coffee?

So you are starting to get into coffee and want to know the answer to a question that maybe you have never thought to ask before? How many coffee beans does it take to make a single cup of coffee?

The Answer Depends on the Cup Size

The number of coffee beans used to make a single cup of coffee depends on the cup size. Here are the approximate number of coffee beans that are used per cup:

  • Small cup: 8-10 coffee beans
  • Medium cup: 12-16 coffee beans
  • Large cup: 18-22 coffee beans

Ground Coffee vs Whole Beans

You may be wondering if it is the same amount of coffee if you use ground coffee. The answer is no. If you use ground coffee it requires less since the beans had been crushed.

  • Ground coffee: 2-3 tablespoons
  • Whole beans: 8-10 beans

So next time you are making a cup of coffee, use these general guidelines to decide how much coffee beans to use for your cup size.





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