how long do roasted coffee beans last

how long do roasted coffee beans last

How long do roasted Coffee Beans Last?

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks, and the trend of making coffee at home is now increasing. To make a truly delicious cup of coffee, you need to start with freshly roasted coffee beans. But how long do roasted coffee beans last?

Storage Tips for Roasted Coffee Beans

  • Store Them Away from Heat and Light. Store roasted coffee beans in a sealed container at room temperature, away from sunlight and heat sources.
  • Don’t Freeze or Refrigerate. Storing roasted coffee in the freezer or refrigerator will cause condensation, which can damage the beans.
  • Whole Beans vs. Ground. Ground coffee has a much shorter shelf life than whole beans due to oxidation, so if you can, purchase and store whole coffee beans, and only grind them as needed.

How Long do Roasted Coffee Beans Last?

Generally speaking, roasted coffee beans can last up to nine months in an airtight container or bag. However, proper storage and use of high-quality beans can extend their shelf life to one year or more. Remember, the fresher the bean, the better the coffee.

To ensure the best cup of coffee, it’s ideal to buy small batches and store them away from heat and light. If you buy in bulk, store the extra beans in the freezer and drive out when needed. Always remember to use a sealed container, as doing so will help preserve the flavor of your beans.

Unfortunately, all coffee beans eventually expire, so it’s important to look for signs that your beans are no longer fresh. If your roasted coffee beans have lost their signature smell, or if they smell stale or musty, it’s time to get fresh ones.

Bottom Line

Roasted coffee beans can last up to nine months in an airtight container, depending on proper storage and quality. If you choose to buy in bulk and need to freeze them, always remember to place them in a sealed container before doing so. Finally, always look for signs of mustiness or staleness, as that’s a sure sign it’s time to buy new beans.





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