how do you clean a coffee carafe

how do you clean a coffee carafe

How To Clean A Coffee Carafe

Cleaning and maintenance of a coffee carafe should be done frequently to ensure you serve the best quality coffee and tea. Coffee carafes tend to build up bacteria, dirt, and residue over time, making thorough cleanings necessary. Here are some tips to help you clean a coffee carafe and keep it clean.

Ingredients and Supplies Needed

  • Warm water
  • White Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Sponge or rag


  1. Mix together warm water and white vinegar in a 2:1 ratio within the carafe. Allow the mixture to sit for at least 20 minutes.
  2. Add one to two tablespoons of baking soda to the mix and swish it around in the carafe.
  3. Use a sponge or rag to scrub the carafe gently, including the lid and pour spout. Scrub any areas that have brown residue or caked on coffee.
  4. ​Rinse the carafe with warm running water several times and dry it with a cloth. This also helps to remove any lingering odor.

Additional Tips

  • For heavily stained carafes, use a mixture of baking soda and hot water instead of the vinegar and water mixture.
  • Never use soap or detergent to clean the carafe, as the chemical residue will affect the taste of the coffee.
  • To prevent residue build-up, use a carafe brush when cleaning.
  • For a refreshed carafe, add fresh oranges and lemons to a mixture of water, then allow it to sit in the carafe for 10-15 minutes before rinsing.

Following these basic steps is an effective way to keep your carafe clean, hygienic and free of residue that would otherwise affect the taste of your coffee. Regular cleaning and maintenance help ensure your coffee carafe continues to pour delicious, fresh coffee and tea.





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